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Shifting | Awakening | Transforming | Birthing

"Live Long" is an expression of resiliency that has been inspired by my son Dante' Long who made his earthly transtion at the age of 19. At Live Long we encourage women to use the challenges of life's shits and grief as a catalyst for living a liberating lifestyle where trying something new, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and making bold moves becomes a daily mantra.

Our MISSION is to help Black women, specfically Angel Moms, release grief gently as they shift, awaken, transfrom, and birth an UNlimited new life!


Unlimit Yourself with Dr. Kennesha

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UNlimit Yourself Anytime, Anywhere

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Bounce to Bliss

An integration of fitness and cannabis to provide a mindfulness experience that helps us physically move through the energy of grief while building strength and endurance.

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Private Sessions

1+1 integrative wellness and grief coaching sessions that includes spiritual readings, cannabis wellness consulting, if needed, and support with the developing and executing of your UNlimit Yourself ILP.

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The Live Long Lifeline

A village of women who actually "GET IT". Access to private community, members only uniquely curated programs and more...


Hey! I'm Dr. Kennesha

Mom, "Genie", Dr. Sensei, and Nesha to my family & friends, but to many in the grieving community I am known as, Dr.Kennesha, a world traveling Angel Mom who supports others by helping them to embrace their life sifts in this journey called life.

This is not my desired form of parenting, but I am choosing to make the best of it. This major life transition forced me into a process of shifting,, awakening, transforming and birthing a new life.

Before we start this journey together, I would like to say
thank you for trusting me to be your mentor and coach. As a Grief Coach to some and mentor to many, my intention is to help you successfully navigate this new life we were unexpectedly pushed into. I accomplish this by working together with my Angel Son, Dante' Long, spiritual guides, lightworkers, and ancestors to help women like myself shift from a limited state to an UNlimited state of being after experiencing the traumatic/sudden life transitions using a variety of "Live Long" Lifestyle tools: divination methods, travel, laughter, holistic and integrative health and wellness, plant spirit medicine, energy healing, and the arts.

Live Long Lifestyle is an expression of resiliency, liberation, and healthy living that has been inspired by Dante' who made his earthly transtion at the age of 19.

Experiencing such a traumatic life shift has taught me valuable lessons on this human journey about how to rise from the ashes, heal heartbreak and experience an
UNlimited life. I am here to share this knowledge as a guide, mentor, accountability partner, and hype woman while you work to mend the cracks in your heart and navigate this new way of living.

Doctorate in Educational Leadership
Plant Medicine Advocate
Wellness Certifications
Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach
Reiki Practitioner
Kundalini Energy Healing Practitioner
Laughter Yoga Leader
Group Fitness Instructor
Kangoo Jumps Instructor
Cannabis Health and Wellness Coach
Sound Healer Certifications

I worked, pushed, encouraged my teammate as well as everyone in the challenge and they all did the same for me. I enjoyed the sister/brotherhood within the group and soon it wasn't about winning; however, I was determined to finish. I will always cherish:1) The motivation, guidance and vision provided by our Coach Dr. K.. 2) The friendship formed between me and my teammate.  3) The family atmosphere within the group. This was the 1st challenge I have ever finished!!!! I am now signed-up for the Live Long Academy & the next Life Shift VOL! Join Us, I promise you won't regret it!!!!  - Sheila A.
I joined the Life Shift program Vol 1 & 2 and anxiously awaiting Vol 3 because with everything that has happen in 2020, fears, worries, the negativity being spread throughout the country, the call for change in my life was a welcoming thought. The Life Shift program was not just a program of workout exercises for your body to lose weight, but a program of workout exercises that helped shift the mind, body and soul. During this program not only did I lose weight and inches through daily exercises that was set, learning all what intentional eating, how food was making my body feel, fasted cardio, and the motivation from others. I also tapped into my inner spirit by doing the Mindset activities that gave me the drive, the motivation and gratitude for where my life was currently to where I saw the more focused, positive and the I’m in charge of my destiny direction my life was heading, through daily morning meditation, weekly chats with fellow life liners and goal setting. - N. Jenkins